Davis Medi

Local Guide of Medietas Island


Uses crossbows, whips and daggers.


Davis Medi was a guide who had brought the group from Medietas Village to the Council along the old, muddy road through the jungle and swamp. Medietas Village, was the center of the center- located in the middle of Medietas Island, located in the center of the world. The small, bullseye village was a simple human town whose inhabitants had never left the island aside from short fishing excursions no more than a few miles out to see. Most of them were content and wake up and tend to crops or travel to the water for days at a time. Davis, though, from a young age had been more adventurous. As a child he began exploring the island, learning its secrets and shortcuts, and kept at it. The first time he came upon the Council deep in the jungle no one from his village had known they were there, and with that discovery no much had changed. Still few actually knew how to find the Council, and even fewer had the desire to trek through the jungle to do so.

Davis Medi

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